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Evolution of Go-Go Vivo

Hi there, a little bit of my story.

I have always been creative since being a little child. Knitting, crocheting, sewing, making my own clothes from the age of 16 since I couldn't find what I liked in stores. I am a child of the 60's and early 70's so my class made ceramics were covered in peace signs and happy faces.

I went to George Mason University in 1982 to study art. I love being creative on all fronts: fashion, interior design, and landscape. Go-Go Vivo was born out a need for a creative outlet while I was working in a restaurant in Northern California. I discovered fimo clay and beading. After that came friendly plastics where I made crazy, loud and BIG earrings in the 90's and sold them for $5.00 a pair. I sold a lot. I moved back to Virginia and got busy in a career in a totally different direction and got away from my jewelry making.

Then came Covid. While living in Colorado I met a woman who was sporting a really cool leather cord and glass beaded bracelet that I admired. When she told me she had crafted it herself, I asked her to teach me the process. Here is a picture of the first few, and you can see what the process has morphed into on the site.

I craft all my creations with the intention of love, peace, and harmony woven into the very threads. I am attracted to beads of nature: fossils, insects, flowers and leaves to start with. With this in mind, I let my creative juices flow to see what emerges from the process. I am having fun and I hope you will too while shopping, gifting and wearing these mini works of Mother Nature as I like to refer to them. I use only natural ingredients that have existed for centuries, glass, leather and metal.

Have fun and take the tour! And feel free to email me any questions!







I also offer services to create pieces for special occasions:


PS ~ I am starting a men's line as well and will be launching that soon!!!





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